Tiles with links!


It is possible to open links from tiles - and that is great !!

Inspired by the post by @Robert_Petitto Hey! List Action > Open Link Available!

I created a little app to exploit this possibility.

The app is copyable. The used icons are from https://www.flaticon.com/ If you want to use them then please check out the terms.

I have made an inline list with horizontal scrolling with different types of links: facebook, email, instagram, location, sms, phone…

Platform independent links
It is a bit of a challenge when links are different in iOS and Android as described in the post below:

I gave it a try to find a solution for that with one of the tools @Jeff_Hager pointed out. https://app.urlgeni.us/ has a possibility to create platform independent links - and works nicely.
The only downside that it costs :frowning: $0.01 per click - so it might turn out to be expensive.
Notice the facebook for Apple will open up in the Facebook app

@Mark couldn’t glide create a possibility to input a facebook, instagram and few other large used apps urls - and then you can format it so it fits iOS and Android. https://app.urlgeni.us/ can link to a speciel webpage if the user hasn’t got the app installed - of course it could be great but I know we cannot get all.

Well, and if it was possible to link internally in the app as well that would be… awesome.
I know, I might be blacklisted for advocating for this feature request again - I just think that it can’t be very difficult to implement (well, I’m not going to do the job so in that way I can just dream up stuff, right :slight_smile: )
@mark do you think that we will get such a feature?


Wow! Love the way you used the icons as tiles. Very nice app.

Thx @Wiz.Wazeer. Pls notice there is a bug when using ‘open link’ on iOS

Open link return to front page

Tx for that info.

Krivo what do you mean by open link ?

@Wiz.Wazeer Well, the action = “Open link” doesn’t work very well when you open a (web) link - you will be redirected to the front page.

  • Click Apple
  • Click Website in the list (tiles) Company contact and info
  • Notice that you will return to the front page.

Ah I get it now. Let’s look into it. Tx

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