How to open facebook link into facebook app (whatever the device)


In my pro App I’m displaying informations of Shops. For each shops you can find adresses, e-mail, phones numbers and more.
I also give the link to the facebook page of shops (when they have one).

When you click on the link the web browser is opened.

For a better user experience I’m looking for a solution to open the facebook link in the facebook application.
I don’t want to have a link for the one using a computer, a link for the one using a iOS phone and the one using an android phone.

Is there a way to open facebook link in facebook application and not in the browser ?

If there no way to do that it could be a feature request :wink:

Thank’s for sharing with me the way you manage this.

I already take a look to url genius.

That’s what I want but only the first 500 clicks are free for only 5 links when your create a deeplink.
(I’m looking for a free solution for a lot of links. And I can’t add some script in my app)

This site is usefull to know actuals url scheme of link for applications

Gotcha. Then you’d have to get each Facebook pages ID, format it to m.URL format and then find someway to forward iOS to open correctly and android to open correctly.

I’d suggest searching through StackOverflow.

Yeah, that the painful way.
And I’m not sure glideapp provide an easy way to display a link (or not) in terms of the device used.

That’s why it could be a cool feature if glideapp can manage this.


For now, during the user onboarding process, you could ask which device they have (explaining why; better UX, etc.) and then cater to that when it came to Social Media using conditional visibility in Glide…

However, data privacy has all the attention lately (as it should), so this may scare users away…

Agree, it would be cool if Glide did has this feature - but I’m sure (and I agree with) that Glide apps owners/builders would probably like their app users to stay within their apps, and not leave to another app anyways…

Interesting thread! Good question!

I’m trying to find a solution with css in a rich text component (combining @ media and @ supports queries).

You are right, in most case we have to kept users in our app.
But in my case, my app is used for users to kept in touch with the shops they usually visited. A facebook link is a way to access to products sells by the shops and for users to buy in the shops they use to buy - but in a different way.

In that case it’s (or it would be) better and easyer to go in the facebook app instead of using the browser (who asked to log into facebook, to accept cookies etc…)


@Fabrice_BENARD i have wanted the possibility for a long time and you’re right. Redirections directly to Facebook app would be great. And in some way we need to know the operating system to create the right url


@Krivo I haven’t seen it in the feature requests, sorry !

Regarding the facebook documentation, it’s possible with a specific script. I hope the glide team will take a look on it. :wink:

@Fabrice_BENARD I created a new template which you can download from the template store that can help you I believe.

Great job !
The app doesn’t worked properly on my iPhone but, thank’s to you, I can see the way you manage it and it’s inspiring ! :clap:

You can using this website can make the link open fb in app .its also make the qr code for scan very convenience
Create facebook link - Blog - App - Business Service

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