Open app on phone from Glide

It was new to me that you could open different apps from Glide (not just google maps and texts)

I would like to open a specific page in facebook

Unfortunately the link to a specific page in facebook is different between Android and iOS

For iOS: fb://profile/PAGEID
For Android: fb://page/PAGEID

Is there any way to detect whether the user uses android or iOS - or any other way to do the job?

I have been looking for a specific app to open in this way - but doesn’t seem possible - or may I just can’t find the right code :wink: Looking for the app FIA WEC (motorsport you know)

This page got my inspired :slight_smile:

I’ve kind of explored this, but never got very far. I don’t think there’s anything in glide to let us determine the user agent. You would probably need to find some sort of url redirector or have a user specify their OS in a profile.