Ios issue?

My app’s URL:

Hi, I’m learning how to create apps. I’m having some issues with the app on iphones.

I tried opening the app and some functions doesnt work as compared to opening by Desktop.

1: the iphone doesnt show the images other than the home page label (** Solved, Thanks Jeff!!)
2: the link for sending chats to whatsapp/Facebook messenger doesnt work if i use iphone, but it work if i am using desktop.

I’ve not purchase a pro plan yet but if glide is a good place to create app then i might go pro plan once I can create the ideal app.

I’m going to guess that your images are stored in Google Drive and you have not made them public?


oh ur right! let me try setting them to public!!

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@jeff I expect you have a short-cut for that answer :crazy_face:

Hehe, not quite. I just query the FAQ in my head and my fingers automatically do the rest. :wink:

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any idea why wouldnt my WA or facebook link work?

I don’t use WA or IOS, so I wouldn’t be much help with that. I do know that Facebook has different links for Android vs IOS, but I don’t know about WhatsApp.

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