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After a recent iOS update to 13.4.1 on both iPad and iPhone, any links in our glide app that are to Google drive no longer open in the Drive app but they open in a browser window in the glide app. Any fix for this or is it something that needs to be worked on after the recent update? It used to be the best when it would open in the Drive app from the link in glide!

Thanks a lot!

Any solution for this?

Found the solution to be to put


In front of the link, then it asks if you want to open in Drive app. For anyone having the same issue.


There are a number of url schemes which can be used to open apps

Notice that for some major apps the url will be different depending on OS. Facebook pages has different urls depending on ios/android - which is quite annoying.

I have an app that works fine except I have created buttons that go to a website. On that website, when I click on a link (that is supposed to go to a Google Site that was created and published) it does not work on an iphone, but does on an android. I have to click in the bottom right corner to open the page in my browser for it to work/open the google site from the page.

Any suggestions?

Are you using an ‘open link’ action or ‘web view’ action on the button? Can you explain what you mean by “not working”?

In the app- I have all my buttons going to websites. When those websites open, you can click and go to other links on those webpages, except google sites (what I mean google sites - you can create webpages in google sites that you can publish and access via a link). The Google Sites will not open in the Glide App on an iphone, just android.

Ok, but, are you using an ‘open link’ action or ‘web view’ action on the button? What happens when you click on the Google links? I know what Google sites are, but do you get some sort of page error, is the link not responsive at all, or does the app crash?

The webpage opens fine in the app. It is when you are on that webpage and click on a link to go to another page (like a google site) that will not load.

Sorry, that doesn’t answer my questions as far as which button action you are using. Open link works differently than web view. Web view is a little more restricted on which sites you can view.

Also, you haven’t really explained if you are getting an error with the google link or if it’s non-responsive, or something else. Not loading or not working doesn’t tell me much without knowing what you are seeing. My best guess is that maybe your google site is locked down to your google account. That may be why it works on android and not iphone. Best to see if you have any privacy settings on the google site.

That’s about all I can tell you with the info I have.

The issue is not with the buttons, but the browser that the glide app opens. My button takes the user to a webpage. On that webpage- there are urls that link to Google Sites (sites created with the Google Sites Application). Only on an iphone do these links not load, go to the google sites, nothing. The browser in the app acts like the link is just text and not a hyperlink. When I click on the small icon on the glide app browser in the bottom right corner to open the page in safari- the links work. These links open just fine on an android phone in the Glide App browser. There seems to be an issue with the glide app browser not recognizing hyperlinks that redirect to a Google Site.


I have the same issue.
Did you find any solution?
Is it an iOS setting?


I never did get a response or fix for this issue. Wish we could find out. It all works fine on an Android.

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You can also use the same template for text message. Like in my screenshot. %0a will work in text messages as well.


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