Opening Links Issue

Hi! I use glide to direct my students to google slide presentations that are interactive. By clicking one part of a particular slide, they may be linked to another presentation. This works on mobile browser. However, in glide, the links do not redirect. I think it is due to the fact that the original link opens in app. Is there a way glide could permit links within links to launch?

Do you have an example of this so that we can clearly see what’s occurring?

Is this something that @John_Cabrera and his code magic can help out with.

Go to “play” tab, hit explore and follow the link,
After a few slides it says “choose how you will get around”. If you choose the motorcycle it continues with the slideshow. If you choose the car, it is linked to open another presentation.

In mobile browser it would open another tab, but since it’s already a browser in the app it doesn’t open anything.

I’m having trouble getting it to work on my android phone. Clicking on the link just opens the presentation in google drive which shows a list of all of the slides. When I click on the menu in google drive and select Open With, then select Google Slides, then it just sits and spins on my phone. I can’t get the presentation to load in full screen with the animations. That could just be isolated to my device. It works fine on my computer.

With that said, I noticed something with the URL for selecting the car. The url is I’m wondering if the part before the part is causing the issue. Can you changing the URL so it looks like this

Wow! That was definitely a mistake on my end. Let me fix it and see if that changes things. I feel like it still doesn’t do it with other slides that are linked correctly. Let me see.

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Unfortunately it’s not changing how it works on the app. It still doesn’t open the /present link from within the app browser. =/

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Well, we tried.

Wish I could help, but seems like a Glide limitation atm