Clicking Links in Glide Browser

I use glide to showcase google slides for my students. My slides have interactive links embedded in them. For example, there is a map of a kingdom and you can choose to go to the training camp or the castle. But when the link is opened in glide, all of these links can’t be clicked, because the presentation is open within glide. It doesn’t allow clicking hyperlinks in the slideshow.

If the link to the slideshow opened in safari / chrome browser instead of the glide browser, it should allow clicking the links. I’d LOVE to see a way to open links in another window. That’s how it works when on desktop / pc, but not on the mobile version.

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So, to be clear. When your in full screen mode and your looking at these slides you can select different parts of the slide to take you to different links? Same image multiple links?

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Not exactly. I’ve got google slides with images and link boxes that would normally open something in another window. Since glide restricts it from opening in another window, nothing happens when it’s clicked. I’d like to see a setting that opens a link externally or something :face_with_monocle: :thinking: