Hi, does glide allow us to embed code? I am building a tax app and I would like to embed a code for a data entry form from a different site for use? Is this possible?

The only embedding glide allows are; images, audio, and video. So no, glide does not allow embedding outside of those. Glide wants to be your primary source for capturing data through the forms you build using glide,

Since either way, you have to create a button. Whether its a button to your form, a button to an outside form or a button to an embeded form.

The first click to fill out the form is inevitable, you could save yourself a lot of time to make that first click count, by going straight to the intended destination.

However it would be helpful if glide has an internal "Glide browser so when links are clicked it would open in the app with our own buttons still available for a quick return to our app.

I’m unsure what you mean by embed code. If it’s a link to some other data entry form that is just a url then you can launch that link in various ways. As @Lighted_Candle says it does open another browser window and returning to the Glide app gracefully can vary by devices (Android vs. iOS vs. PC Browser).

Not exactly embed, but your use case isn’t clear for me, in some cases in can “embed” directly in your google sheets using some import formulas, api integrations, etc. If I’m not wrong you can also use Zapier to handle some custom code and webhooks.

@Lighted_Candle and @George_B, Glide doesn’t open a webview when you click an external link using Android? On iPhone the result is amazing, for someone that isn’t a heavy users ir looks like you are inside de app, like twitter, instagram, etc, do…

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