Can you make a Glide form embeddable on another web page?

Building my first fairly complex application in Glide, and I’m loving it so far!

My application will involve my clients frequently using some forms I create for them for their own users. The challenge I have is that some of my clients want to embed my forms into their own web pages – like their own Squarespace site, for example.

I’m wondering if anyone has found a way to do this, similarly to how you can drop jotform embed code into another web page. I want it to be something a halfway technical client could handle on their own, in the same way jotform and similar form builders do.

I believe Business Plans and above will allow your Glide App to be embeddable in an iFrame. You’ll also need to contact support.


Thanks! This does look like the right path.

FYI – it looks like you can only do this with the entire app. According to support, you can’t isolate that feature with a single page/form. What a bummer. I think it’s time for a feature request