Embed Typeform Capability?

I’m trying to embed a typeform but I’m having difficulty figuring out how to do so. Embedding would make for a smooth transition of data and eliminate duplicate inputs by the user ( i.e name, email) when signing up

Glide Tweeted “If you’ve previously used links or buttons that open Google Forms or typeform forms inside your Glide app, you can now do all of this within Glide and users never leave your app.”

Does this mean that we can embed the typeform within the app or that Glide has the same capability as typeform?

If so, is there a tutorial anywhere?


There is no way to embed Typeforms (you could link to them, as you can with any website). Glide has its own form functionality, although it’s limited compared to Typeform. Let us know if there are priority features you’d like to see added to Glide’s forms.

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A color picker so that an app admin or owner could chose his own graphical component color ?

Does this link keep users within the Glide app, or open up a browser?

Well, the app is based on the browser, so technically yes, it’s self contained, but also still using the browser behind the scenes. You can try the web view action on buttons and other components to see if that would work. Web view is more embedded in the app. My experience with Android is pretty seamless, but I heard of some issues that IOS users have had opening an external link.