🔥 Blazing Fast Glide <> Typeform Integration with the Glide API


On office hours today, I walked through how I extended the Community Quizzes template we created last week to use Typeform as the quiz interface. This allows users to create a custom Typeform quiz from within the app! And all responses are displayed in the app within 5 seconds. Full replay is available here.


@Darren_Alderman - Just came across this post. I noticed that the replay link points to your website. Could you please point me where I can watch the replay as I’m trying to bring back TypeForm data to my Glideapp and I’m sure your video will be super helpful. Thanks!

Loom videos have recently been expiring after a day in the forum. We’re still trying to figure out why. I’ve reactivated the video again if you want to watch it now.


Thank you so much @Jeff_Hager ! I shall watch it in a bit.

Meanwhile what I did was to integrate Typeform with Airtable and I created a table in my Glideapp with that table in Airtable as source. That way it syncs automatically. I’m yet to see if I can add the other usual things like relations, template columns in this table as I may need it for further steps.

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That full office hours replay is lost in the interweb somewhere :no_mouth:

No luck @Jeff_Hager , doesn’t play beyond a second, just keeps spinning. For now, Typeform with Airtable integration & sync with Glide seems to be reasonable though I see a bit of delay, no big deal though!

No problem @Darren_Alderman

When I edited Darren’s post in this thread, I also placed the link to his loom video below the player, so you can copy and paste that url. It’s not the full replay that you are probably looking for, but If you wanted to view the video in the first post, then that’s an alternative.

Ah okay, got it. Copy pasting the link works. Thanks much! Let me watch it right away.

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