Embedding Google Form Available Yet?

Hey guys, was just wondering if Glide currently supports embedding a Google Form within the app? Thanks for your help.

This is not something we plan to offer. Can you tell us why you want this?

I’m an Instructional Technology Coach, and our entire district uses Google Suite. We’re the 3rd largest district in the state of TX. If I’m honest, it would help me bypass the restriction of limited rows with the free plan when using the form within Glide. Or are entries using the Glide forms not counted towards the row limit?

And sometimes you want to have a form, but just want to use it for other purposes than just within Glide. All kinds of extensions can be run to do different things upon form submission, and don’t think I could do those same things as easily within Glide. Also, because of the number of forms that we use for various purposes, it’s nice to know that all of my forms reside within Google Drive, and are easy to access.

Does the 3rd largest district in Texas have a software budget? :wink:

The row limit is based on how many rows are used in your app. How rows get put into your app—whether it’s our form or a Google Form, does not matter.


The reason I ask why you want this, is that our goal for Glide is that it can make the apps you want to make, without relying on external tools. I was wondering if you can tell us specific things that Google Forms do, that forms in Glide do not, that we should add.

It sounds like you want to trigger other actions after a form is submitted? Can you give some examples? We are working on this now.


I’m only at one campus, and they don’t give me a budget for this, unfortunately. But, if I’m embedding a Google Form, the responses sheet wouldn’t be within the same sheet as the Glide app, would it? Maybe I’m thinking about this wrong…

Spencer, you can specify to which sheet the form results are recorded to.

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Autocrat is one extension that I’ve used quite a bit. It can send form results to Google Docs and also Google Slides, for the purpose of creating certificates, and other useful educational type documents. DocAppender is another one. You can check out all their other form extensions here.

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Thanks, Robert. Was thinking though that I wouldn’t want to use the responses within Glide though. I guess I can just link to a Google Form, but was just thinking it would be cool to just embed the Google Form in there so that they can continue using the app, while still giving me the information that I need for non-Glide use.

Oh…yeah. If the webview doesn’t work, then just a link would do.

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