How to link google forms with Glide

Hello experts, I am Kamal Jalan. Have recently started exploring and using Glide. Following is my use case which i need to work upon and I am seeking help from the community.

Teacher initiates an assignment through the glide app for the student. The assignment is in Google Forms (Quizzes) and we have an URL to access the same.

Upon clicking of a form button, how could we make the students to answer those questions from google forms URL from within glide app and how could we retrieve their result and update our results.

Would request a solution for above use case.


What’s the difference between using the Form in glide and integrate google forms inside glide?
Could you do it directly with a form button?

It would be wonderful if i could get a way in Glide? The project is for school Assessment through MCQ. We need to check and grade for each student undertaking assessment.

How do you think you could achieve this in Glide? Can you please advice?

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Got you!

If you’re not using the GForms sheet in the app, you can use the formula =IMPORTRANGE to bring in a new tab in your sheet the data from this sheet.

:warning: Warning: be aware that you cannot edit the data you bring though IMPORTRANGE formula, because the formula would break. You can only display them in the app.

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