Glide app from sheets from forms

Hi, I have a very basic question I need help with. I designed a Google Form that dumps data to Google sheet that my students fill out to tell me how they are feeling about their day. I keep it in an open tab and can check it frequently in case someone fills it out that they are having a problem or a bad day, so I can help them with solutions. I have conditional color formatting for yellow or red drop down responses so when I glance at it I can see them quickly. Instead of having to check it often, I’d like to push it to to a Glide App on my phone and have it alert me when a specific set of drop down answers are chosen or when the red conditional formatted response is chosen, so I know that kid needs intervention, not just a snack or something. Like a notification.
So because its starting from a Google Form, when I load it into a Glide app builder, its pulling all the response options over and over. Do I need to build it in Glide instead of the spreadsheet? Should I take the spreadsheet and manually build the answer options in the first few lines to build the app?
I’m a little above my spreadsheet skills here, I know what I want it to do but just not sure how to do it. Anyone have an idea?

I think what you can do is bring your conditional logic to Glide, and have a collection to filter out “bad responses” so you can act on it. After you’re finished, you can use a button to set a boolean value somewhere on the row, so it doesn’t show up anymore.

For alerting, you can use a Glide form coupled with the logic of “bad responses” in an on-submit action. If the condition is satisfied, you send yourself a push notification, or an email about the submission.

I’m not sure about this part. Can you elabrorate?

its a form and spreadsheet I’ve been using from last year, so its pulling the kids responses that are already in the sheet, and the app thinks those are new app categories when building.

What do you mean by “new app categories”? Can you send some screenshots?

It should be just a Sheet with responses, and another Sheet/Glide Table where you store choices for the form. You can bring everything into Glide and don’t use the Google Forms anymore.

How old are these students? Please note that it’s against our terms to collect information from children under 13.


well I just went through and deleted most of the old data except one example of each drop down response. But I didn’t know I could bring the entire form into Glide, that actually may be my answer. I can just build it here and start fresh with an updated QR code and it will look the same?

welp, so much for that idea. That isn’t an issue with me Google edu account. They are 6-12 grades.

I’m not entirely sure what data structure are you having, what do you mean by “each dropdown response”? What’s the concept of “dropdown” in your form?

You can create a form inside Glide, build “dropdowns” (in Glide’s terms, choice component) to a list of choices, and allow students to complete the form that way.

sorry, its just multiple choice. I was remembering the form incorrectly, I thought I had set it up as a drop down choice but its a multiple choice. Here’s a screenshot of the first question. There are 3 questions total.

Here is what my spreadsheet looks like, with previous responses deleted and repeated lines deleted.

You can just set it up in a “Choices” table with choice values.

Then, in your form, use a choice component and point to the list of choices in the “Choices” table.

We don’t need to worry about this at the moment, you need to consider how to re-create your form, with the appropriate list of choices.