Google Form Input

Is it possible to somehow use Google form data that is added by the user to be put directly into glide table / multiple Google sheets that is used in my app ?

I don’t want to share my app with the end user, but rather use his details from a form link which he can fill.

Or Looking for some similar functionality

Have you tried pointing your Google Form to a sheet of a spreadsheet that is connected to Glide, and see if that sheet shows up in Glide?

I’ll be more specific - I came across a PWA where a link is given to the end user and all the data are stored directly to the app tables. I’m pretty sure its possible with google sheets. But a native component would make it more convenient for customization . Here is the screen shot

This is from app

This is from the linked opened in browser by the user

but earlier you said…

The thing is, there is a native component. It’s called a Form :slight_smile:
But using any sort of native component would mean sharing your App with the users who fill in the form, which would conflict with your earlier requirement.

What you could do is create a 2nd App that’s connected to the same data source, and use that purely for collecting data - just the form and nothing else.

Or you could just use Google Forms and connect the target sheets to your App.

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Actually sharing a 2nd form seems much cleaner. Thanks for the easy suggestion.