Insert Data to Google Sheet

I’m a begginer’ and I start bulid my first App
I already create tabs that get their data from google sheet.

Now, I’m trying to create tab for insert data frome the to the google sheet.
I want to choose values from DROP DOWN LIST
I want to choose date from CALANDER
I want to insert text or numbers with Free text
I didn’t even find where can I build TAB that will do it’ should I have to pay GLIDE for do it?

Does it need to be a separate tab, or would it be better to use the Add button or a form button? Review the documentation and see if any of those options work for you.

You can do it in a separate tab, but it would have to be a custom form, which can use up you edit usage limits. Or you could place a form button in that separate tab, but it seems pointless to have a single button on a tab all by itself.

Thank for your answer.
I insert form button to the TAB and it realy open me a forms that the user can fill in his data.
But I still can use list of values for fields that I want.
For exsamlpe, I want the user will choose project from specific list.
In my google sheet I have the list, but I don’t understand how I link it to the form.

add your google sheet to glide app

You can add a choice component and set it’s source to the sheet that contains your list of values. That is your drop down list. You can also add a date picker for selecting dates from a calendar.

Those screens are fully customizable. You can add and remove any components you want.

the google sheet is already added to the app

Thanks again.
Now it’s working. :grinning: :+1:

Now anthoer tow questions, if you can answer me please.

I want that the new raw in my google sheet will show the user who filled it, can it do it automaticly?
and another question,
I want let every user look at the data he insert, where can I do it?

Add a user’s email address using a special value component.

If you have a list, you can show the rows in a table. You can also filter that list.

Thanks you very much, I very appreciate your help.
Everything you write work so simple.

Can you Help me with the last question.
I have ten users that will insert data with this app.
I will see all data, but the other should see just what they insert, Can let every user see in the app, the all data he insert?

That depends on a couple of things. It can easily be done, but how secure does it need to be? You can set a filter on the list, but someone with enough technical knowledge can still look at the underlying data. If that data needs to be secure, then you will need to use Row Owners.

Hi again,
I used the Row Owners, and every user can see just his data.
But now I have new problem, I have tow users that have to see all of the data, because they are managers.
Is there a way, to do it?


You have two options:

  • Option 1:
    – Add two email address columns to your table, and make both of those columns Row Owners
    – Add your two admin users email addresses into every row in those two columns (one in each column)

  • Option 2:
    – Use Roles
    – Create a Role column in your Users Table, and set that as the Role column in your User Profiles configuration
    – In that column give each of your admin users an appropriate role value (eg. Admin)
    – In the table that needs to be protected, add an “Owner” column, and fill that column with your Admin role
    – Make that column a Row Owner

Note that if you use option 2, any user that you assign a role to will be considered a Private User.

But the advantage of option 2 is that it’s easier to manage. For example, if you had a 3rd user that needs to be an Admin, all you need to do is give them the Admin Role and they’ll automatically get access to all rows. But with option 1, you’d have to create another Row Owner column and fill it with their email address. This can get quite cumbersome if your list of Admin users changes.


Hi Darren,
I already has ROLE Column im my USERS TABLE.
but I don’t understand how to continue.

First thing to be aware of is that the way you have that setup, every user in your Users table will be counted as private. Assuming that isn’t what you want, then for those users that aren’t Admins, you should leave the Role column empty.

The next thing you should do is make sure your User Profiles are correctly configured, including the role column. See below:

Once you’ve done that, you can proceed with the following:

Hello again Darren,

I did the steps you wrote above.

  1. All the Admin users have role and the other doesn’t have a role.
  2. I insert new column with the role for every row

but now, i still in the same situation ,the admin can see there data and not see any data of the others.

So, I don’t understand, where and how I should use the ADMIN role for seeing all data?

The View column needs to be set as a Row Owner column.

Hi Jeff,

Now the column View is Row Owner cloumn.

what is the next step?

That should be it. As long as you have configured your user profile Role setting to point to the Role column in your user table, then any column marked with ADMIN and set as a Row Owner column should allow Admins to view the data.

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Sorry, but I don’t succeed.
Maybe the configured isn’t OK.
Where I setting it? and How?

@Darren_Murphy shared a link to the documentation on how to configure user profiles and role functionally. Have you read through that documentation and watched the video?

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