How to push data to Google Sheets

Is there a way of pushing data from the app to your Google Sheet? I thought it would be an action available on the OK button but I can’t find it? :thinking:

Do you mean accepting data from app and viewing it in your google sheet? If that is the case, try out Forms
Also try out entry field components:

Thanks for your reply. I’m after something similar to forms but I don’t want the user to have to enter the details. I want the details from the selection to be stored in the Google sheet. e.g. the user selects a menu item and when they click the button all of the details (description, price, etc.) are stored in a Google sheet as a new row.

Yes, I believe that can be done. Have you looked at Relations yet?

You can have the options and associated details in one sheet.

In another sheet, create same columns and a Row ID Also pass in user email as a special value to note which user has selected that. Build a relation column between this sheet and the previous sheet with static information.

Then, I believe you should be able to display options from the previous sheet and input into the second sheet as user data.

Thanks but how do I do this bit: input into the second sheet as user data

You still need to pass the values into a form via columns components to write them to your Sheet. Glide must know what you want to be written to your sheet and you should specify those fields in your form and what columns to write to.

Else, I have not used this but probably you can try the action with Zapier.

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Thanks for your reply. I was trying to avoid that. I thought I’d be able to select the values from the item that had been selected and pass them to the Google sheet. I think I’ve found a way to do it in Thunkable now :+1:

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+1 for exporting from data Editor to G sheets or csv