Embed app in another website

Is Iframe embedding ever going to be possible? Are there any workarounds to set a glide app into a WordPress site?


I’d say the answer is probably no.
It used to be possible to embed Glide apps, but this was locked down for security reasons a few months ago.

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Can you tell us a bit about why you want to do this? Just so we can understand better. Why do you need a Glide app within another website?

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Not a direct answer to your question, but rather coming on the former webview which enabled Glideapps within Glideapps.

We may be many to build apps which may be complementary from a user point of view (ex. one on meditation & co lessons + one on finding doctors).
While each has its own market positioning, they also are in synergy from a market point of view.
The former webview enabled to offer the end-user a nice user experience since she/he did not have to leave the app and open a new window.


I am not sure if the reason would be the same for the author of this post but based on what I have seen from many posts on this forum, people might use this feature to leverage the SEO power of a WordPress website. Wordpress websites are one of the best when it comes to SEO when setup correctly.
Having your App within such a website would maybe help, I guess…


I run a website for a public school. I am using a Glide app to make a nice display of for our student clubs. I want that display to show on our school website without users having to leave our website to see it. Our state actually requires information about student clubs to be posted on each school’s website. I was using Awesome Table for this before, but Awesome Table only allows 500 views in the free version. I built a beautiful app for this in Glide, but I have no way to get it on my website.

@david I would love to see this feature added if possible! I am current making an app for a client, and they would like the app embed on their existing website. They’re a decent sized company and want to keep the traffic on their website (i.e. not leaving their primary site to visit the app), so embedding via iframe would solve this issue. Is this a quick fix?


There is so many great reasons to embed glide app in website…

  1. Show and manipulate data from google sheets.
  2. Create calculators.
  3. Create custom forms.
  4. Create online store based on Google sheets.
    And many other…

If the security is the problem… add a url check for trusted websites that will allow embedding app only that is listed in app admin user sheet.


Hey @david , is this something that can be implemented?

Actually other than this would be good to call a glide application as a function from inside Glide.
Many times we have done some functionalities in some application that we have to replicate in other glide app (and is time costing), so would be great to call them as a function.

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+1 for this to be implemented again. Please…

My use case is to be able to have my 2 pro Apps being able to be embedded inside one another.
1 of the pro Apps is a community App/Neighbourhood App and the other is an online store for local businesses. It would make sense to be able to open the one App while accessing the other App as it would allow me to be able to use the traffic from the community App to drive sales on the online store.

At the moment I have to connect them via an external link and it just does not have the same feel.

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I have several reasons for wanting this feature including SEO, better integration with my existing WordPress site, and (most importantly) a better experience for my users.


I agree! Is this a feature that can be added again? @david @ThinhDinh @Darren_Murphy

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This would be so amazing to add apps functionality to other pages, like WordPress or Squarespace.

It would be great if it would be possible to embed a glide page to another webpage?

(On Brave browers the iframe tag works, but not elsewhere.)

SO YEAH! This would be great feature.

Hi everyone, our main website is built on Squarespace. I developed a Glideapp to test a product we would like to roll out and ideally wanted to embed it in the main website to facilitate accessing it. Is this possible?
In Squarespace, there’s an “embed” functionality so I copied the link to the app and pasted it there. However, I’m getting an error saying it’s an invalid URL (even though when uploading it, it said it had successfully found it). Based upon Squarespace’s customer support pages, this is most likely due to Glide’s functionality. Not sure where it’s coming from but any guidance or advice would be helpful.

Did you find a soultion?

Not at this point. Any thoughts or recommendations?

I don’t think this will be available any time soon. It was disabled due to security reasons.

Thanks for the response ThingDinh.

Are Deep Links available in iFrames?