Embed app in another website

Deep links still open the app, so it would be no different if you used the deep link url or the root url. It’s still opening the same app.

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Dear Community,

Does the Web Embed work at all?

We are trying to work on something simple, to show a pdf link from google drive. But in vain…

Via Web Embed:

Via Open Link - Web View

We would like to allow user to see the pdf before using the signatory component.

Any advise?

If you want to embed a file that’s stored in GDrive, then you need to ensure the permissions on that file allow anyone to view it.

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to just show PDF, you can use the Image element, and add action to open the link if that PDF has more than one page.


This is a method that I use to embed a PDF directly inside the app. It displays the entire PDF, allows you to scroll through the pages and zoom in and out as needed.

I did try your link which appears to be your domain, which redirects to a google drive link. First of all, your domain does not allow embedding, which is why you get the Forbidden message. When I tried directly with your google drive link, I still had some issues, but after trying some different variations of the google drive links, I was able to get it to work. Google Drive is weird and not always reliable for media storage, but it can work. I would recommend storing media outside of Google Drive. Either with a dedicated hosting service, or directly in Glide’s storage.

Anyway, you can read more about different ways to formulate your url to work with the method used above to embed a PDF.


Hi hi Darren,

Yes we did. Anyone with link is able to view.

Got it!

Have used the url ends with /preview

and it works!

Thanks all!


Is this referring to embedding a glide app inside another glide app?

No. It’s referring to the viewing of PDF’s by embedding the google document viewer, where the location of the document is within the url for the google document viewer. Nothing to do with embedding apps inside apps, which glide does not allow for security reasons.

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Here’s a reason. With Glide, I’ve built a public school district business directory for staff members to list their family-owned businesses for other employees to peruse. It’s an internal courtesy provided to school employees. We’d like to embed this on our website, but alas, we cannot. We have way too many employees and frequent staffing changes to create a list of permitted users. An embed feature would solve our issue immediately. I may have to look to another app to do this.

Is it not the iframe Embedding feature available on the business plan ?

It is, but at this time you need to contact support to enable it.

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Looking to build an interactive pricing calculator in Glide, but embed on a client’s Webflow site as a lead generation tool. That possible?

It’s possible with a Glide Business or Enterprise Plan.



Is it still necessary to contact support to enable this?

I tried simply using:

<iframe src="myapp.com" width="900" height="700" allow="fullscreen"></iframe>

but wasn’t able to embed the app on my website.


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