Glide apps in websites


Is it possible to embed or display glide apps into a browser without showing the mobile phone outline image



Not at this time. Same thing with tablet devices but there was a mention of future plan to make those devices more full screen.


Apart from sharing a link to your app, how else might potential users find your app?

If you add a custom domain do you have any way to get the app showing on google search?


I would suggest a simple website to promote it. You can then market the website. (e.g. ). It’s up front and center as that really is the tool. Full disclosure I am working on a rewrite of the Wandertale app.

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Thanks George and sorry if it was a stupid question. Good luck with re write sounds like an interesting project

It was not a stupid question at all, a good one in fact.

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Hi George if you don’t mind me asking how did you get the additional text in your app when it displayed in a browser, I.e “ the first platform for audio blogging”


You can edit that in Settings/General in the builder.

This is how. If you need more info let me know.

Ah! Great thanks for the speedy reply!

Hey George, love the landing page, what did you use to create it?

Taking a quick look at the source code it looks like a wordpress install with the Paloma theme (Link).

I agree too, nicely styled. :+1:

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Lol, not sure what you think you saw but it’s a Glide app. @Paul what source code are you talking about?

@Rogelio It’s a Glide app, not sure what you mean by what did I use.

lol I am referring to the landing page.

I understand that ‘Get The App’ takes you to your Glide app.

Oh, I had nothing to do with that. I think you are right however, I believe wordpress was used.

As noted, @Rogelio was asking about the build behind the landing page… that’s what I was referring to. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to add the ability to embed apps on other websites using some embed code like Youtube does with videos?

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@kyleheney Not at this time. I’ve included a thread that discusses this. The last post indicates that Glide apps are not iframe-embeddable.

Thanks for that info. Oh well!

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