Glide workaround/software to embed app on website

Hey all!

I’m trying to embed some search functionality on my personal training website, so that users can search for trainers in our team by postcode or specialisms, and then click through to the URL of that trainer once they’ve found them.

I’m currently on pro plan and way too expensive to upgrade to the whopping $250/month business plan to do this.

Does anyone know if a) there are any workarounds to embed a glide app on a website, or b) there are any other platforms (e.g. Softr) that offer this functionality?

Context: I’m not switching from Glide, it’s awesome - but I do need this so willing to subscribe to another software if necessary.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think there is one, even when you’re on the right plan, you have to contact the team for them to enable embedding for your app.