Open url links within the app window

Would it be technically possible to open URL links within the App body? I’m not sure of the technical term to use. Take this app ( by @Ralf for instance. It was posted on this thread How to include images horizontaly When you click on one of the markdown icon links at the bottom it kind of shells out to a new window (a Chrome instance I imagine) to view the image. On an Android phone if you tap the back arrow at the lower left it does go back to the Glide app but it sort of closes that window and opens the app window. If while viewing the chart image you were to minimize it and go to the home screen and opened a few other apps and then went back to that image by selecting it from the all open apps scroll screen. Then tapped the back arrow the screen closes down and you are left at one of your home screens.


It would also be really helpful to be able to use markdown or some kind of Glide variance of it to link to screens when clicking on images. This would allow faang2 to display the charts within the app.

iFrame could solve the problem but unfortunately HTML is not supported by Glide.

I fixed the link guys. Maybe delete these messages as clutter so we can focus on the request?

Hi. Good question, not so great answers. But how were able to fix it?