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Hello !!

I was wondering how useful it would be to have an action that could open a video or image in a front view, new window, floating view, when we click on an Action Text or button.

That would be great in my opinion ! We wouldn’t need to leave the app and it would be like the image or video components options, but in a front view or a window above the interface, floating view (I really don’t know what to call it).

I hope it’s of your interest

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So is it kind of a webview, or are you referring to a modal? Have you tried webview on a video or an image?

Hi !

Yes ! I already tried but pages like youtube and even the ones I have open to public in google drive, dosent show, must of them had the leyend “may not allow it self to be embedded”. Im talking about a second screen that appears over the current interface just showing the video or image that you linked to the action text.

I will try to draw an example later je

Just making sure - do you mean a modal or an actual new browser window?

I think this would be a feature request for the link action. It would be nice for glide to give us the option to open in the same tab, a new tab, or a whole 'nother window!

Hi Pablo!

Ammm I think is similar to a modal, but with images and videos, I already used Inline list and list relation in order to guide the users to their preferences and at the end I wanted just to show over the current interface a YouTube video clicking on the Action text component.

Sorry for the illustration, I did it in a hurry haha


So I think your gonna need some css magic here and some compound actions.You have each button setup to enter the website into the same specific column so they will overwrite one another. The video’s address is that column so it will change as needed. You need to use some rich text to make that video float and above others. @Jeff_Hager helped me with something similar a few days back in regards to a floating item. Now the only thing I’m unsure about is an exit button to exit the video but I’m sure the CSS wizards around here could figure that out in a jiff.

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Another reason Glide should have this feature: