App will not open in Safari

My app (pro) will not open in Safari. I get a message: “Sorry the page you were looking for does not exist or is not available.”

It opens perfectly in Android and on the Apple browser. Anyone else having this issue?

Hey there.

Could you provide us wth screenshots? I’m having trouble understanding. It seems like you may be typing the url wrong. A common mistake I hear people do is putting when it should actually be

Umm. Isn’t safari the apple browser? Also, what device are you using?

@jillrohan just checked a glide app on safari via iPhone and seems fine. What’s your url and I will check it on my phone (if you want)

@jillrohan Ok just opened in safari on iPhone running iOS 14.1

Have you tried shut down and restart?

Force close of the app in case it’s running in the background

iPhone6, but I don’t normally use Apple. I use Android.

I am getting reports from other users. It opens fine on my iphone when I open with the screen shortcut, but doesn’t open when I type the address into Safari.
Opens fine on Android too.

It was not a Glide issue and is fixed…thanks for your replies.

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@jillrohan great glad it’s sorted for you and your users