Sharing on website or Facebook

I’m having issues with sharing the URL for my App using Facebook.
If I simply copy the link from the Share button in Glide, I’m given:

If I send that in Messenger, it doesn’t tell the user to ‘add to home screen’
If I put the link on FB it is not a link (I added HTTP:// to the beginning of the URL and that gave me a nice link with image, however when people tap on it again it doesn’t display the ‘add to screen’ popup window.
What am I missing? If I send to a person using iMessage it works perfectly.
Thanks, Jeanette

Facebook has its own internal browser, which isn’t compatible with PWA apps. The link needs to be opened in Safari on IOS or Chrome on Android. Here is a prior thread that discusses this.

Oh No! Doesn’t seem to be any workaround!

I can see that FB and Messenger don’t open the link in the browser. Not sure what to do!

While I have you there, the link on Glide ‘Share’ is should I be adding http:// to the beginning? If I don’t on FB it is not a link, but is in Messenger. If I add http:// to the beginning FB sees it as a link. So bit confused as to what the link should be.
Thanks again, Jeanette


Just one thing, if you have to or need to add a prefix, add https instead of http.


I agree with https vs http. Just add whatever works. It ultimately is the same link and gets you to the same place.

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