Operating system detection

Such a feature would be very beneficial :slight_smile:

New special value that tells which operating system that the app in running on. That would enable us to create an operating specific url which means that it is possible to open fx Facebook app with the correct url. Today Facebook requires OS specific url’s to open a page as example.
For iOS: fb://profile/PAGEID
For Android: fb://page/PAGEID

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Already been put in as a feature request in the Feature request app. (Called OS detection)

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  • 1, I would use this feature, It would greatly help deep linking to other mobile apps.

Could you not just ask the User during the onboarding flow what kind of device they have (iOS/Android/Other) and then use User Specific checkboxes with Conditional Visibility and then just use an IF-THEN-ELSE to determine which device the User has/chose and then direct them to the corresponding link/deep link format? :thinking:

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That would work, just 2 sticking points I see:

  1. If I already have a large list of users, I’d have to ask them to go update their preference for that to work (say they already completed an onboarding flow before)
  2. Each user is limited to 1 type of device

For now I just have 2 buttons in my app, one with an apple icon, one with android. Maybe I could continue to show both buttons if a user hasn’t set their preference but if they have, only show one button. Thanks for the tip!


@ehdubya that is what I do. But it is not ideal. Glide knows what OS it is - and would make our lives easier


Agreed, not ideal, but works for now until that feature is released :nerd_face: :pray:

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@Robby_Dewling well, it will be tied to the email that the user uses. And that is not ideal

Yeah, like Krivo said, it’s not ideal but it does work.

For those who have already sign-up/onboarded - you can always add this to the profile tab and leave it optional should the User Profile have Editing enabled.


The language would also be interesting.

Hi @Robby_Dewling ,

I am making an app to show shops with their social media links (https://ecolimburg.glideapp.io)
Just like you, I would like for the users to be able to have FB links go directly into their FB app.
You described having two facebook icons to use for buttons.
Namely, one with an apple icon and one with a facebook icon.
I was wondering… What do these icons look like?
Would you care to share? Ex.g. with a screenshot.

Thank you very much in advance!

No problem, here you go!

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 5.07.03 PM Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 5.08.15 PM

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Thank you!

@Melanie.Schaekers I have chosen an approach where the user selects his preferences - including which operating system the users device has. Thereby you can choose the correct url depending on the operating system that the user has selected in his preferences.
I have created a template for the template store with this functionality but it seems as Glide has not prioritized to look at my template - I did post it January 14th and is still waiting. @JackVaughan Any idea when you get to look at all the pending templates?


Hi @Krivo,

Thank you for your message.
just like @Robby_Dewling mentioned, if users switch between operating systems this will not be so handy anymore. Hoping Glide will transform FB links automatically using their detection of operating system in the future. So I will be keeping an eye on this forum. Sadly, I have no more votes for this feature request.

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@Melanie.Schaekers True, it is not ideal if the users change to another device with another operating system - but to me this is the least bad solution :slight_smile:

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@Melanie.Schaekers I finally got my template approved which has floating buttons for different social medias to open directly in the app. It is free to download :slight_smile:

Take also a look on the presentation video


Great work! Highly customizable app. I like the option to choose between Android and iPhone. The choice to open in app I would set as default and make it possible to change in your settings to browser if preferred.

Thank you for providing your template for free.

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Thank you @Krivo; this is clearly useful, and in a way, a piece of what I had in mind.