External links from tiles horizontal layout

As I use the tiles horizontal layout to display the different categories of my app for example, a link to detail screen is enought. Also if I want to drive people to a specific detail screen of a shop I want to promote, it works. But if I want to advertise a product, an event or whatever linked to a specific shop which I want to link to an external website, I can’t do it. It will be great to have that kind of choice in the inline list action select menu. What do you think? Tks

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Do you mean that an additional Action should be added to the sheet view besides the only one there (Link detail screen). Specifically, Open link? I guess you would also have to have a dropdown to specify which column holds the link you want to launch.

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Great idea.

I want the same as it allows for some great designs

@david this request seems to come up over time.
I wonder whether it would be difficult to implement. I believe it would give some great possibilities and allow for some more compact apps

I know @Jason has some thoughts on actions that could enable this.

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External links as an action is definitely going to be a thing sooner or later


@Jason I will watch out for this feature - I know it is going to be awesome. Looking forward to the magic.

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2nd this