Images as Links - got my wish

Remember this?
Images as Links to websites - Feature Requests - Glide Community

Looks like I got my wish!



Really?! Nice one…well done, see wishes do come true… glide team are great at listening too it’s users and providing real solutions

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@spencersRus @Rosewebstudio Think about what awesome app we could do if this actions was also applied to tiles. We could have up to four images on the same row point to different links (phone, mail, web, instagram etc). We would be able to do a very compact layout - and also avoiding the html fiddling some people are doing in the RichText.

If the links could also be made as internal app links (e.g. link to screens) the navigation would be even more enhanced - but let’s start with the first part.

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Nice! This product gets better and better one brick at a time.

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