List line items linking to other sheets

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Any chance we will ever see the feature implemented that allows for every line item of a list to link to a separate sheet?

Right now the only work around for this is to use images to link to sheet but unfortunately it’s easy to tell they are images if you are using text in the image and the images always take time to load on first boot with a spinning wheel which is completely unnecessary.

Anyway at the very least in the meantime to remove the spinning wheel?


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You can use buttons to link to other sheets as well, but if you require images, then I can’t think of a better option at this time.

Thanks Jeff understood. Would be great to get rid of the silly loading circles though. Makes the app seem a bit clunky and old. The load time is under a second. Why not just leave it blank?

Also how hard do you think it would be to implement what I’m talking about?

Linking to sheets from a list or the loading circles? No idea. That would be a question for the Glide team

Answer to both would be great, do you know how to at someone on this platform? It’s very frustrating, wish they hadn’t changed from spectrum.

Just type @ and the name.
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Honestly, Spectrum was very buggy, especially on my phone, and the search was a bit useless. This new community has been a lot better and easier to use in my opinion.

Previous statement retracted. It wasn’t pulling users earlier when I tried @. It is working now.

Normally a list usually is of related items. The concept of lists in many similar software products show items that are coming from the same structure. Each item in the list is a row or record and the different values are held in the columns. A list of people, buildings, categories, etc. The data is different for each line but the structure of the data is the same. If you want a list of dissimilar items you can use a detail view and show a single row, then list the values of the columns vertically. You could also have a list coming from a single sheet that have references to other sheets. Lots of options as it stands now.

Can you give us an example of what kind of data and how you see it stored within the spreadsheet that you would like to see represented in a list. There may be a way to accomplish what you would like to see if you gave us an example.

The issue is with the fact that once you are in a list view whatever you dictate one rows underlying structure to be when you build the subpage the rest of the list items subpages will look identical in structure. Currently, with the details view and using pictures to link to other sheets you can have completely different underlying structures of the subpages without resorting to sheet manipulation to get the desired effect. It’s already working with link to subpages on images, why not port this ability to every list item being able to become a link to a sheet? It offers WAY more flexibility in the apps you can create. Seems like a no brainer if it is not overly technically difficult to implement. Thoughts?

I know we went back and forth on this in the previous forum, but never got anywhere.

One solution would be one sheet. Create one set of columns for one page. A second set of columns for the the second page and so on. Only fill the columns that relate to that specific page and only those components will show depending on which list item you select. The only downside is that it doesn’t work well if you need to add or edit records as you would need all components to show in Add/Edit.

A better alternative is to create a sheet that will serve as your tab in the app and set that tab to detail view. Create columns in that sheet with a reference to each sheet that you want to show different data for. Then create the separate sheets that would have different layouts, and lay them out how you want. On the first sheet that serves as your tab, add an inline list for each column that you have set up a reference for. Remove the label for each inline list. This will give the visual effect of one list, but each item will reference to a different sheet.

In my app screenshot, it looks like one list, but each item points to a different sheet entirely and the layouts are completely different.

If you are willing to share your sheet or make your app shareable, I think this could be laid out pretty quickly.

@JWhiteside Sorry for sounding like a broken record but can you point to an example database style app that has what you are looking for and share with us what your use case is? I must be dense but I just can’t picture what you are after. Maybe it’s just the structured data / object orientation background in me that is causing me to not see it.

Thanks for all the feedback help George! You are definitely not dense good sir. What you posted above in your image is what I’m looking for, less the title above the line items. I’m just being a stickler for details and really want a finely tuned experience on the glide platform rather than relying on the spreadsheet wizardry which you no doubt have in spades my friend! I’ll share what I’m working on in the morning with you when I get to work. What does the underlying sheet data structure look like for your list above?

Also is the image above what appears as the top level items on the tab they are on?

That is @Jeff_Hager contribution, but no worries it seem we have been working as a tag team for a while now :slightly_smiling_face:

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@George_B Hehe, yes, yes we have.

@JWhiteside Yes, the image in the image for each inline list comes from the sheet that contains the data. Just give me a sec and I’ll throw together a sample sheet that demonstrates the referencing.

Awesome thanks gents!

Here is the sheet. All of the references are set up at the right end of the row in Advanced_Students. I am using the students name for the reference, but you can name it whatever you want. Doesn’t really matter as long as the value matches the referenced value in the other sheets.

The image and heading for each list item comes from the respective sheet. Each linked sheet has a Heading on the left side and an image on the right side.

Any reason for all the columns in between?

I just copied and scrubbed the sheets from my app. No there is no need for them.