🎤 We'll Do It Live - Episode 5

@tristan, @Jason, @david and I will be doing another live design/coding session this Thursday, July 15 2021 at 4pm Eastern Time. We’ll be on for about 2 hours. Come and join and help us with fixing small bugs and/or building tiny features. We’d love your input on what we should be working on. Post it here now to help us plan the session.


Hi, a first idea: Inline lists can be “grouped by” → would be great to be able to expand/collapse, in the inline list, per title of the ‘group by’

Grouped by title A (+ / -)

  • item A1
  • item A2

Grouped by title B (+ / -)

  • item B1
  • item B2

Hi, two other ones with regards to the “Inline list Check Box”:

1/ Check/Uncheck triggers the ‘Action’ : currently, the Action is not triggered when we “Check” but when we clic somewhere else on the inline list item
→ would be great to link the ‘Action’ to the check/uncheck

2/ Horizental orientation : currently this type of iniline list can only be displayed vertically
→ would be great to be able to arrange it like “Tiles inline list” (horizontal, 1 to x displayed per row…)


Another one about Choice Component (but may be tricky as @ThinhDinh stated).

1/ Choices format: would be nice to have different format for Choice component (like for Buttons): with color background (as-is), just text, bordered without background…

CHOICE: image

BUTTON: image

2/ Title format: being able to have in bold (as currently), and other text format (size, not bold…)

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+1 expand/ collapse ‘grouped by’


Here’s my list of requests!

  1. Make the app description text field a ‘text area’ field so it’s easier to review the app’s description

  2. Add Edit button to User Profile screen (from menu link, Profile screen should have Edit option that links to the User Profile sheet/table)

  3. Ability to rearrange apps in My Apps to whatever order you’d like (drag and drop)

  4. Add ability to pull in Unsplash images directly from the Image components without needing to add an image column in the Editor (I think this was already in the works if I’m not mistaken)


It would be great if we could create sub-folders, both in My Apps and in Team folders. For example, I’d love to be able to create a “Backups” folder and drop all my app backups in there.


Side-by-side inline list.

I.e. if the button bar could change to a card or tile view then we could add details, avatars, captions etc…

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What are you actually trying to achieve? Could you post a mockup maybe?

A request about Inline List “Title”.

Currently it is formated like a Headline 2 → it would be great to be able to format the title like a Text component (centered… / bold, small, …), which would avoid to create a dedicated field.


@Robert_Petitto suggested this last time.

The ability to allow users to edit the native profile screen.

We have a navigate to profile action which is great but letting users edit their own profile would be even greater.

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Trying to achieve a more aesthetic and info filled button bar really.

It’s nice to be able to pull values from different columns for the left and right sides (also native left and right actions is great)… I often like to add in a set column and make corresponding charts appear.

I’m currently out of the office but happy to share an example later.


Copy and Paste should include any columns/special values (in forms, for example)

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A Simple Fix for the back behavior when an input form is opened to go back not to close the app

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What you mean @Yasin_Hassanien?

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Few things I can think of other than few valid ones that few folks above have told. I know its a live bug fix and add new small feature session but still thought of suggesting these which I feel might be simpler to implement ( don’t quote me on this )

a. Make an option for “newline character” in the Sign in Screen text fields. Both greeting and description doesn’t allow. At least the description should allow. Or make it a rich text field.

b. Similar for App description like what @shchc
has mentioned, probably make it a rich text component too?

c. Option to change or define the color for button/buttons on the screen ( i know it is doable using CSS - but we are talking about no-code right? ). To keep it simple give some default options like complementary or contrast color based on the default color choice chosen at the app level. Or give a hex-code box.

d. i even like the idea of what @AyS_0908 has suggested regarding the choice component having a button style formatting that would be really helpful.

Maybe i can think of more but if even one or more is done then it will be awesome and help a lot of people - if not still ok :smiley:


Speaking of grouped inline lists:

it would be nice if the title of each group were more visible and if the groups were more clearly distinct.

Currently, when scrolling the use might not see that the list is grouped.


Allow column values to be used to label Tabs
(Handy for my app as I have a multilingual system that pulls in string values from my user profiles table)