Go back instead of closing app in *Forms*

The default behavior across the app when going back is always going to the previous screen but in the forms when you are in a form and going back it should cancel the form and go back but what happens it closes the app entirely which we had a lot of users reported this behaviour as a bad experience

Can you reproduce the behaviour and submit a ticket here? Thank you.


This is not a bug for a particular app it’s a general behaviour with all glide apps.

To reproduce:

  1. Open an input Form
  2. Go back using back button rather than clicking on cancel or submit, it will close the app entirely

I’ve noticed this too and it’s one reason that I create custom forms instead of using built in forms. I think the main reason is because the built in form is a modal (same with Add/Edit modals), so when you use the phones back button, it acts on the underlying screen instead of the modal popup, so depending on if you are on a top tab level or have navigated a couple levels into the app, then sometimes it backs you completely out of the app. I’m guessing it’s not so much an issue for iphone user’s since they don’t have buttons like Android user’s do. Kind of frustrating sometimes, but at the same time I understand why it’s happening. If the back button could act on the modal instead of the underlying screen, then this wouldn’t be a problem…or if forms didn’t use modals…

Might be a good thing to bring up at the next live coding session.