Travel App: "Link to Screen" --> different sheets from List

Hi Guys,

I am new to glide and totally love it. I already finished my first App (Meetup Networking App) and now starting with the second App (Travel App).

The App is for one country (Japan). I want to do create a List of Cities (Style “list”) and the “Link to Screen” Function should lead to different sheets (one per Cities).
Is this possible?

I also tried a different setup. I tried to setup a relation between sheet 1 (relation is cityname) and sheet 2 (contains the city names). It looks good in the “data Browser”, but when clicking on it, then i see all items of sheet 2 again.

Data Relation:

Is this possible with glide?

cheers Thomas

Sorry for this post, but i cannot post more than 1 picture :stuck_out_tongue:


as you can see, it know shows all 4 locations and just ignores the relation

Can we have a link to your app? Thank you.

Is there any particular reason you are using separate sheets for each city as opposed to putting all the data in one city sheet? In my opinion maintenance would be much easier, you would only need to design the layout once and it would be the same for all cities, and if you ever added more cities, it would just work in the app without having to design new pages and screens. Of course that’s just my opinion. If you have a particular reason, that’s fine. Just thinking that it would make your end goal much easier.

There isn’t a way to direct individual list items to separate sheets, but you can have independent layouts for each item detail from the same sheet. If you aren’t attached to having side by side tiles or cards, you can emulate a vertical list by creating separate lists for each relation. For example, this picture is actually 3 different lists stacked on top of each other and each leading to different sheets.

Hi Jeff,

I would also be ok to do it in one sheet. But so far it didn’t help me to put it in one sheet because then it shows each City on the Map.

I painted my Problem, maybe then it is more clear.

If someone click on “Tokyo” then I only want to show the places for Tokyo in the Map

Yes sure:

PW for testing:

For explanation:
Start: Cities --> Click on tokyo --> View Map -->should show Map only with locations in tokyo (but doesn’t)

I imagine your View Map button is just a link to screen to the entire sheet. Is that correct? What I would do is create a multiple relation column in your cities sheet that links the city name to the city name in the combined city details sheet. Then use that relation for your button link to screen action. That way it will only show the locations on the map that relate to that city.


Dude THX!

That was the missing Part “Then use that relation for your button link to screen action.” Didn’t know it is that easy!

For all who may have the same problem:

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