Linking to different sheets using inline list?

I wish to developing an educational app, and there are several topics.
I have created a sheet that list down all the topics. And for each topic, they have their individual sheet, and inside it has many rows of info.
I wish to use inline list on my main tab that list all the topics, then user can tap on the topic and link to another screen and read the info that pull from their own sheet. Problem is I realize inline list action only allow link to a specific sheet.

Am I doing it all wrong?

Have you tried using relations?

I understand relations play a crucial part to make this work.
The only solution I can think of is to consolidate all the rows of info into a single sheet, and create a topic column and a relation column.
I’m not sure if there’s better solution?

Funny you mention that. I had this very same problem.
Check this post:

As you’ll see at the bottom, I arrived at a solution that makes what you are trying to do easier.

Your link is not working.

Did you try Copy/Paste? It works for me, I clicked directly on it.

It says the link doesn’t exist or is private.

:man_facepalming: Yes, I just realized that its in a tab for Regulars. Let me see what I can do.

EDIT: Try it now. Should be public.

Thanks! The link works now.
I read through, looks like there’s no other way but to combine all the info into a single sheet.

Yes, in my case, it would have required something unconventional, and would put me way out of my row quota for my app. The experts have spoken. :laughing:

Not entirely sure but this might help:

Option 1: Use a choice component to let the user choose the topic they want. Write that choice to a user-specific “user choice topic” text column in GDE.

Use the topic the user chose to display an inline list that corresponds to the topic (user specific choice column).

Example) if topic = “blue”, show inline list filtered to only show the topic with “blue info”.

Caveat: if each topic has its own sheet, you might have to add multiple inline list components to a Details Layout screen and filter them to display based on the users choice (topic).

Option 2: use a combo of (multiple) relations, choice component and inline lists. :+1:t2:

I would use a different relation for each topic.
May be what I’ve done in this app could help you. (menu demo)

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If your list of categories doesn’t change much, there are a couple of other options.

  1. Turn on ‘Independent Screen Configuration’ for you categories list and and set up each category details screen with an inline list that points to each related sheet.

  2. Use a compound action on the categories list with several if then statements that call a link to screen action based on the category name.


@Jeff_Hager Do you mind to elaborate more on the second option?

This is really useful. Appreciate a lot.
But, I don’t want to end up with user having to tap into long list of items to view the info one by one. I hope it could utilize the swipe layout for easy reading.

Thanks! This is definitely helpful for my next project. It makes perfect sense.
Somehow, I might be too excited planning to present my info using swipe layout, which user can read by swiping. Unfortunately to get there, I must be able to link to a tab I suppose.

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