Pull Filtered Column Into Inline List


Not sure if this is possible. So I created an inline list from two columns in my sheet, I would like each row of this inline list to point to different columns filtered in the same sheet. I.E Black-Owned Business Column where the cell is yes. So when I click on the Black-Owned Businesses image of the inline list it takes me to a list that shows only the Black-Owned Businesses. Another thing I noticed is that text wrapping is not available for horizontal inline lists…

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Not sure I quite follow you, but you could try creating an additional column. Next each image place a Yes or No, and then filter by Yes/No.

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I actually moved Theme Featured Images and Theme Titles columns to another sheet thinking I would have to do some type of relation to another which has all the businesses listed. This sheet which has all businesses listed, also has Black-Owned Business, Rooftops, and Recently Added, columns. If a certain business falls into one of those categories they have Yes written in their row for that column.

So in another sheet (which I attached in this text box), next to the Theme Titles column, I am trying to populate a Theme List, where I am thinking a list of businesses for each category could populate in the corresponding cell, then I can add that as some type of action for the inline list. No idea if this part is possible.

If each row pulled for an inline list can link to a different screen that would be perfect.
The circular images at the top of this screen is a good example:
Web view: https://us.vestiairecollective.com/

Sorry, I have to skip this one…Even though it is perfectly possible to point a row of an inline list to a different screen…I just don’t follow. Sorry…will let some1 take over.

Yes for the entire list, not each separate row.

My gut tells me that you might be overthinking this a bit. It looks like a classical use case of categories and sub-categories. Have a read through this and see if that sheds any light.

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Hi Darren,

Did some more digging through forums and documentation, this is what I am looking for. Guess it’s not possible yet. :frowning: Back to separate inline lists I go. I was essentially trying to go from this, well in vertical since titles are cut off in horizontal orientation.

to this,

Cleaner and takes up less space

@Jen_NYCP have a look at this recording. This is a simple concept app I did for a client this week.

What you see is an inline list with a tiles layout. Three of the four items link to the same screen, but the 4th (bottom right) links to a completely different screen.

Is this the sort of thing you are trying to do?


Possibly! What makes the last tile link to another screen?

It’s done with a compound action attached to the inline list component.

Each of the items in the list has an ID attribute.
If ID = 4 (bottom right), Navigate to another tab
Else (the other three), View Details

I’d be surprised if you can’t use a similar technique to achieve what you need.

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Thanks, I will look into this! I was playing around with Boolean, increments and all with a similar approach in mind. Is this only for pro? I am testing on my free template.

No, this is a standard feature available across the board.

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@Jen_NYCP you could also take a look here. Create a compact homepage


Yes, yes! This is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks, Krivo.

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