All inclusive list from other tabs

:cry: Help! I usually find my own way out of predicament. This one has me completely riddled.

My scenario:
I have 4 tabs each with their own list of names to various locations, Post Offices, Mailing Houses, Facilities, and Airport Buildings.

I am attempting to use way points by way of Google Maps. I need to list ALL the names of ALL 4 tabs combined into one list without going over my quota, by way of many to many relations or something of the sort.

Any help would be most appreciated. And, if the answer is that obvious (i.e., a component or feature that I missed,) I would be happy to add a video of myself banging my head against a wall in my house…SERIOUSLY. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks in advance

You need one tab to have everything?
And which quota do you mean?
Can you add some more clarity?

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Well, I don’t need to have one tab for everything. The whole list needs to be selectable in a choice component, as each of the four tabs have map addresses and coordinates that correspond to each location.

What i mean by quota is the 500 row limit. I’m getting close to it with what I currently have.

Are you okay with having an additional row for each location you have in your app?
Then you could use a query to populate a new sheet by importing all the choices in the new sheet.

If not then you might need to play with visibility and 4 different choice components.
For you users you could ask them a question about what kind of address they are choosing using another choice component (Post Offices, Mailing Houses, Facilities, and Airport Buildings.) And based on their response show them the corresponding choice component which is linked to the correct sheet.

Hope it makes sense?


Yes it makes sense, and your suggestion about playing with the visibility of components I’ve done before in another app. Looks like it will have to be done that way again.

Video soon incoming…:man_facepalming:t2:

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Does it have to be 4 separate sheets? Could everything be combined into one sheet and then you have each tab filtered by location type?

That would give you the option of creating a single choice component with no additional rows.


@Jeff_Hager @Manan_Mehta
Thanks guys for all your suggestions. I decided it was easier to put all 4 tabs into one sheet and filtering it like Jeff said. It became a bear to figure out way points with 4 different tabs then to do it with just one well-filtered tab.

As promised…