1 Map showing addresses of multiple tabs


Let’s take the example of Employee App.
1 tab with Employee (+column : personal address)
1 tab with Offices Location

Question :
How to show on one map Personnal address of Employee + Offices Location.

Question/remarks :
Is it or will it be possible to have different Pin types ?

Thanks and regards

You could use an If-then-else column to say "if employee location is A, then show location B, then show location C, then show location D, else show location A.

You’d have to create an If column for each location (so if you have a ton of locations, this may not be the best approach).

Alternatively, you could set up your locations as an array and use a single value column to show them in the employee sheet. This would cause a duplication of the employee’s location (it would be in the main " employee location" column and again in the array of all locations). I’m not sure how a map handles two of the same location value.

Thank you for your proposition.
ok, maybe I was not clear or the example not so good.

Imagine the following :

  • Tab 1 : Address of Museum
  • Tab 2 : Address of Schools.
    There is no relation between tabs, it is 2 completly differents concepts but I would like to see on one map.

You could do single value columns in your main sheet that pulls in the details from the other tabs.

You would need to combine the address on another sheet, and then use that sheet for the map. That sheet would have the relation back to the source sheets.

Thank you @George_B, I was afraid of this kind of solution, but it seems appropriate.
I will check how to do that.

Any idea of the possibility to have different PIN on the map ?


Right now there is only one pin type.

Check out the Dynamic List Filter in https://concepts.glideapp.io/ or the the Food/Activities tab in rwtsk.glideapp.io for ideas on how to show different filtered categories on a map on one screen.

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