Clicking map pin only displays one listing

Context: my app provides users with listings of activities; each listing has one address, but each address can have multiple listings/activities associated to it.

Problem: when a user searches in map view, they click on a pin: this displays only one of several activities related to that address - any idea why that may be and how I could fix it?

Here for instance there are 5 activities associated to this pin/address, but only one of them gets displayed.

Many thanks in advance.

I think this feature is just focus to display one location. user can press to another location - and then will show destail of that.

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You can have the location as an item and show actions related to it in the details view.

Allow search by having a joined list column to combine all activities’ name.


Sorry if I am misunderstanding @ThinhDinh , but location is set up as a component, yes, and here is the action - should I change something?

Next, I created a joined list column with all the activities names - but I am not sure where to connect it?

Thanks in advance.

I imagine you can keep the old setup, then do the following:

  • Make a relation matching the address ID to the sheet where you store the activities, which also has the address ID. Set it to match multiple.

  • Create a joined list column, point it to the activities name column in the relation.

  • Display it in the details part of the map.

  • In the details view of each address, show an inline list with the source being the relation you created above.


Many thanks @ThinhDinh. Just tried setting it up, but not quite there yet.

  • And the in-line list in the map details view?

Thanks so much in advance.

Do you have a sheet which only stores address, and a sheet with events associated to addresses?

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I don’t but I could just pull the info out of Master and create it now.

I think you can just keep the current setup. Due to the nature of the map displaying only 1 pin per location you don’t need to have a further sheet anyway.

In your joined list, you should point the first part to the relation > Activity instead of master activity.

Then you will see a comma separated list of activities for each address populated.

Use that for your details field in the map.

In the detailed view (after you click inside), add an inline list of the relation you created.

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Excellent, all good now! Thanks very much for your help, @ThinhDinh.

On a related topic, do you know if there is any way to configure search results in map view? I would like results to appear as pins on a map, not items in a list.

In the map display, you should be able to configure it to show a map as the default view.

Or probably you are having too many pins, just my guess.

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Yes my default view is set up as Map. It works fine, it’s only when user does a Search that the view switches to List for some reason.

In my experience that is the intended behavior of a map view.

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You mean results should be displayed as a list when the default view is set up as map, under maps layout? Sorry if I am misunderstanding.

The result will always be shown in a list view, that’s what I experienced.

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Ok, thanks @ThinhDinh. That is helpful.

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