Map View Listings

Hello, I am wondering how i can show a list of all the folks (defined via Zipcodes) within a Map View? For example, one would click on my Map View Page in the App and see the World View, which would list everyone. As you zoom into a view of Georgia, you then see all the listings for Georgia and so on.

You can just use a map layout, then point to the Sheet containing the data you described above. Use the ZIP code as the “address” field, but beware, if multiple people have the same ZIP it will show only one pin.


That’s the problem I’m having is only on Pin for zipcode containing many listings. for the sake of not collecting collecting individuals address, I wanted to only ask for zip codes.

Then you can theoretically use a relation using the ZIP code and relate it to itself, returning multiple matches. From that you should be able to do a rollup to show the number of people related to that ZIP Code.

Let’s say 90000 - 5 people, 90001 - 1 person.

Then when people click the ZIP code item, you take them to a new screen based on the relation above and show all people rated to that ZIP code.

Hmm, I will have to learn how relations work now.


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Here’s a link. Let us know if you need help with anything.