MAP View showing multiple items

Looking for suggestions on how to tackle looking at a region or state in Map view to list ALL the items that are stacked together under one pin point.

For example, if I currently have 44 members listed in Atlanta but my map view is zoomed out to see coast to coast, only the forward most Atlanta pin will show.

Once zooming in and the pins separate, then they can start showing only the visible items on the may. i.e. Zoom in to a city view and we see about 20 pins and those 20 items are in the list below.

Zoom in further and then only see 7.

Also, I don’t see the “zoom” settings for Far/Medium/Near

Thanks and appreciate any direction on this!


There’s no way to edit that in the map view today.
Probably adding it as a feature request, however I think this is the expected way for maps to behave this way

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A workaround, albeit not a good one, is to have a Regions sheet, let’s say States, to use for this map view

Then you relate the States to the actual pins in your main sheet, where you should also have a State column to count the number of pins for each region.

When users click a pin on the States view, they can see how many pins are there in each state, and when they click to go into the details view, you show an inline list of related pins for them.

What you want here is called “marker clustering”. Many people have requested for it but I don’t expect it to be available any time soon.