The list of locations not changes when zooming the map

Im not sure if it is a bug or not but it should be in my opinion. I haven’t found any topic on this though.
My app shows the location of restaurants on a map as pins and I can also see the list of those restaurants. But I find out that when I zoom on the map, the number of pins showed is reduced to only the restaurants which appear on the map (that’s good) but when I get to see the list, it is the list of all the restaurants of my database.

Here is a showcase of what I mean

It should filter and only show the restaurants whose the pins appear on the map zoomed, shouldn’t it?

Thanks for your help

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I think it is the intended behavior - the list button simply changing the view and unrelated to any actions taken in map view.

I agree that this would be helpful in some situations, but it’s more of a feature request than a bug IMO.

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