Map feature for Inline Lists

When I have an inline list and use the Map Feature, I don’t get the ability to have the geolocation button, or the ability to view the pins as a list. Is this able to be added please?

Doesn’t say anything about the location button, but there is a mention about limitations with switching between map and list.

Yes, thanks Jeff. Would love the geolocation button as a start :slight_smile:

We just fixed that actually. I think it should be available to you now

@Jason Is that limitation described anywhere? I was actually building a “floor level in building selector” on the same page as the in-line list showing a map - and I thought that it would be possible to use the switching between map and list. I had so search this forum to find out that is was not possible. Would have been nice to know in advance of setting the page up. I hope you will include this in the documentation :slight_smile:

I will make sure it gets added to the documentation! @JackVaughan will I mean :stuck_out_tongue:

@Jason Cool :slight_smile: Might also be an idea to describe free scheme limitation for a certain functionality along with the functionality. I just found out today that there is a limit of 10 pins on a map in the free scheme. We don’t want Jack to run out of work (@JackVaughan :wink: )

No limit on pins if you use GPS coordinates instead of address.

@Les_Henderson Alright, That is not what is says on - and the builder told me earlier on that not all info potentially would be shown (I don’t see the message now). I’m using coordinates :slight_smile:

They keep updating the features considered to be pro, but you shouldn’t have an issue with location pins using coordinates if they keep their promise here. Announcing changes to Free and Pro apps

@JackVaughan I really like the new pro promo video. Very nice. Kudos to you and your team. Can’t wait to see the new tab icon selection.

@Krivo I have just updated this. Thanks

@Les_Henderson thanks! It was actually a collaboration with a motion graphics artist. I’m not quite there yet with my AfterEffects skills - but I’m getting there! :wink: