Maps list bug

In the maps list style I only can change the view to list or map in the design mode. Once I choose one of them it isn’t possible to change it in the app

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You should see an Icon at the lower right hand corner that will let you toggle between them. I can see that your screenshot doesn’t show it. Have you tried closing down the app. Maybe even uninstalling it and reloading it? How does it appear on your phone vs. computers?

I know I should see an icon. As I don’t see it I’ve reported this bug. The previous image shows my screen, with no icon but those in the Design section
I’ve reinstalled the list several times, I’ve closed the app and reopened it the next day.
And no. I can’t see it in my Android device either

@Jason looks like a :ant:

Can you please link me to the app? I am unable to locally reproduce the issue

Inline lists for maps don’t allow switching to list mode due to usability issues.

Ok! I understand but that are bad news! :cry: