MAP inline list: view switcher?

Hello team,

I’m wondering why this option on map inline list is named “default” view ?
Does it mean at some point the user will be able to click in a corner to switch between list to map ? Would be great… Meanwhile: i added 2 inline lists, one map, one list with a toggle to change which one to display.

Big thanks for the amazing work and empowering my new work and so lifetstyle.

Yes, a map list can currently be switched from list view to map view by the user, but I believe it’s only possible if your screen is a Map style view instead of a Detail style view.

An inline list with a map style on a Details screen will not allow you to switch between map and list view. It only works when the whole screen is a map style view. I don’t understand why, but apparently there is some sort of limitation to have this on a details screen.

The default is obviously the default view, meaning it’s the only view if it’s an inline list on a detail screen, but it’s the default first view on a map style screen where the user can manually switch between the two views.

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Clear like water!

Thank you for answering so fast.
This « customer » support is really a success factor for glide i believe.


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