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When I view a list/map as a list, sometimes the icon to switch the view to a map appears, sometimes that icon is missing. Possible uninitialized variable? Let me know if you need a description of how to get to this place in my app.

Screen snapshot:

Does anyone else see this happening? I would like to determine if I am doing something wrong, or if this is a bug. Thanks. – Harry

Possibly a bug, we would appreciate if you can send your app link and tell us how to reproduce it.

The app is:

Since I wrote this question, I have been poking around a little and I see something that could account for this behavior.

  1. In the editor, I select “Map” as the Style for presenting the rows of the sheet being shown. I choose the “list” icon as the default way to show the “Map”. The icons are showing in the preview of the app in the editor.

  2. Sometimes when I come back in the editor looking at the template for the same sheet, the Style has changed to “List”, and so no icons are shown at the bottom of the screen.

  3. You may or may not see these changes because I am seeing them from within the editor rather than from a normal execution…

Thanks for any insight you can shed on this behavior. I wonder if I am not doing something I should be doing (like saving) when leaving the editor for the template for a sheet. I didn’t think I needed to explicitly save things and I don’t see any controls for doing this.

– Harry

I can see the icons as usual here, the default is list.

And yeah, you do not need to explicitly save things. It should save by default.

I occasionally still see missing icons for toggling between map view and list view. Unfortunately, I can’t predict when this will happen. It is possible that I see this behavior when editing, rather than just using the app. Mystery…

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It’s not just you. I see this same behavior in your app. For example, I go to the Tours tab, select Lexington, then select “Take this Tour”. The first time in, the map icon doesn’t appear on the lost of stops, but when I go into one of the stops and then click the back button, then the map button appears.

First time in:

After viewing one of the stops and coming back:

I see the same behavior on Chrome Windows Desktop and Chrome Android.



Whew! I was beginning to think I was crazy. I may be, but just not in this department…

I got frustrated with this and didn’t want to have to explain it to my (potential) users, so I bit the bullet and figured out how to stop relying on the icons by using other suggestions I received to use 2 inline-lists showing both views. So, in my latest version ( ), this is no longer a problem because I have taken the time to understand how the detail style works. I think the app is better because of this.

Harry steps on soapbox:

I get the sense that the map component is not getting very much attention these days. This is too bad because maps are so expressive in visualizing data – especially on a Smartphone, a device that cannot only show positions but also has true position sensing so that the user’s current position can be shown relative to fixed positions on a map.

I hope attention will return to fix some of the problems with the use of MapBox and also to extend the capabilities of Maps in Glide.

Harry gets off soapbox;


– Harry


Looks good!

What are the chances of this getting some action this? How is development prioritized at Glide? Although I understand plans and development schedules are never published, how does one understand what is getting attention among the development staff?

– Harry@Forsdick.Com

Regarding bugs, I have no idea how Glide prioritizes or tracks them. A lot of times, if you raise a big enough stink in the forum and it affects several people, they may take notice. Other times you can tag one of the team members and possibly get some traction. Otherwise you can try to fire off an email to their support email and see if you get a response.

For feature requests, you’re best bet is to add it here and try to promote it the best you can to get votes.

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