Add icon or Thumbnail / problem with map view

Hi, Gliders!
I need some help with 2 issues.

I am working on a listing app and directory of doctors/pharmacies with their addresses and would like to include simple icons on the map list view.
I tried to add the icon to the google sheet in the (icons) column as I saw in some videos, but this did not help.

In Arabic, it is not common to use the first letter of a name/family as a thumbnail and I would like to replace it with a simple icon showing the category.

If anyone can check the below photos and advice, that would be a great help.

Another problem I am facing, although I have 50 listings is in the list view, when changing to the map view, I can see only some of them, although they are in the same list with the same level of information, and even after zooming in cannot see them.
what could be the problem?

What type of “icon” are you using? Do you use an image of the icon with a URL?

Are any of them from the same coordinates?

Do you have a paid plan? Eliminating the possibility that it was restricted to 10 pins.

Thanks a lot for your quick response.
1- I just figured it out and added the icon in the data editor section by uploading the icon, and then copying the link to the other listings.
previously I was trying to add it inside the cell of Google Sheets, which did not work.

next I will try to creat “if” function to copy the icon automatically based on the category.

2-I am still trying the free plan, and No, these listings are from different addresses.
I think I know what you mean because I saw when I have 2 listings (2 doctors) in the same building, one of them will not be shown in map view.

Yeah, when you have the link to the image then that should work.

It does sound like you should have a separate “Categories” table. Say:

Category | Image

Cat 1 | URL 1
Cat 2 | URL 2

Then, in the Listings table, you have a category column for the listing, then do a relation using that category column to the Categories table, and retrieve the image URL through a lookup. You shouldn’t have to copy and paste things.

Yeah, we don’t have something like a “cluster” for cases like that.

For free plans, I think you’re limited to 10 pins for the map component.