Multiple pins on a map

Is it possible to show two locations on a map component. I want to show the pickup and drop off locations on the same map.

A map component…no.
A map style list/collection…yes.

You would need to get each location into separate rows, and then display them as a map style list/collection.

Thanks Jeff.

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The best way I can think of is to create a working table with 2 rows. Add two user specific columns to hold a pickup and dropoff location. Then create two single value columns to populate the values from the first row onto both rows. Then create an IF column to show the correct location based on a row number. Something like this.

In the table that contains the original pickup and dropoff values, create a Single Value → Whole Row to the new working table (it will essentially create a type of single relation). When navigating to the details screen where you want the map, change it to a custom action that will first use a Set Column action to write the pickup and dropoff locations through the Single Value relation to the working table. Follow that action with a Show Detail Screen action. This will populate the working table. Then you can add an inline list/collection, point it to the working table, and change it to a map style list. Now you should be able to show multiple pins on the same map.

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