Multiple locations


There is a restaurant that has four addresses (locations) in my app. Do I have to create one row for each location (copy and paste all infos but modify only the address)? If I do that, users will see four restaurants with the same name, infos and all.

I could instead create multiple columns for each address, but I can only choose one column for the map feature where I show all restaurants. So, it’s not currently possible :frowning:

It would be nice if there was a feature like the image carousel where I could create multiples columns such as ‘Address 1’, ‘Address 2’, Address 3’, etc. and Glide would pick up automatically all the addresses and show them in the map.

I know that this can be confusing at first, especially if you haven’t watched the videos, or read the documents which also have videos.

Even after a month, I feel like I’m in Groundhog Day because I have to keep watching and reading the same stuff over and over until it finally sinks in.

Just create a new sheet that has all your restaurant addresses, phone numbers, etc.
Then create a new tab with that info. Problem solved.

Later on, as you learn more, you can do other fancy stuff.

I don’t understand. Could you give more details please?

Yes I know how to do this. I just don’t understand how it does answer my initial question.

I already have a tab with the map feature with all restaurants. I don’t want to create another tab…

Basically, I want to know if it’s possible to use Combined Column with addresses instead of images. Thanks!

I’m going to go ahead and say no. Just tried it and the map component does not have access to a combined array column. While it might sound easy on paper, it might be a pretty unique case and a bit more difficult for Glide to program for. Maps and map pins are based off a list, so it would have to work a bit differently to have a sub-listing like you want. You could essentially split the addresses up into separate rows and use a combination of references and lookups to pull the details for the restaurant into each listing for an address, but that seems to be a bit overkill and you would probably run into other obstacles trying to set it up that way.

I don’t think we support maps in the image carousel. But you can put your own images of maps in there to make it work.

Thanks for your feedback guys. I’ll just create multiple rows then. It’s the easier way.

Sorry that I didn’t quite grasp your original intent.