Need help! I have a bottom tab that needs to find and list the items on google sheets

Hi! Thank you in advance for your help.

This is what I need to do, I just need some direction on what the components are called.

I have an event where people check in with a auto generated number at 11 locations. Their objective is to go to all 11 locations so they can win a prize, and at the 3rd location they can get a free bracelet.

I’m trying to make a look up page to track the check in of a participant. and to see if they got a bracelet.

So hopper passport number 1234 goes to:
5 stores. and checks in.

I want to make a summary on the app that can be looked up for the stores if questioned, to see what stores the hopper has visited… The report above would be made from the google sheet that has a tab that has a list of all of the participants with their passport number and locations visited.

Is this at all possible. Thank you so much! Svea

Hi, welcome.

It’s a bit difficult to answer without having your app tabs structure.
Also, there may have a question about whether people must move from Loc 1 to 2 to 3 etc, or can go from Loc 1 to Loc 4 to Loc 2…

You probably may try something like this.

. [User] tab: with email, first name, last name, picture, passport nb + computed column “First + Last name”

. [Choice] tab: a column with the list of the 11 locations

. [Location] tab (will be populated via a form) with fields: “Date”, “User email”, “User first last name”, “Passport nb”, “Location” + computed columns “Relation” (to itself from User to User in the current [Location] tab), “Count” (nb of related relations found) and “IF” (if Count = 11 > “Done” > else Count value)

In terms of screens:

  • Location check based upon [Location]: a Form based upon [Location] with:
    . Special values for “Date”, “User email”
    . User columns for “Passport nb”, “Template first + last name”
    . Choice (source [Choice], destination [Location]) to check a location

  • People status based upon [Location]: an Inline list with
    . “User first + last name” as a title, and “IF” in details
    . In the detailed view of the inline list: an other inline list with “Location” as a title (should only display the checked locations)

This is maybe an approach, but there are for sure some other ones.