Connect between tabs


I have a big spreadsheets which has many tabs,
The first tab is a list of work fields - index
And all the other tabs are the business owners in that field
For example
Tab 1
INDEX- long list of different professions
Tab 2 named architect
list of different architects with the name phone site etc

Tab 3 long list of Restuarants
with a restauran name phone site etc’

and so on…

I wish to connect the tabs to the index.
so when clicking on an index item- the tab with that name opens. and i will be able to see all the businesses listed there with all the data.

Can it be done?
i tried several things but it didn’t work.

Actually from what you are describing I would have structured the data differently with only two tab sheets. One would have the INDEX as you call it, the other would have all of the various entries that you currently have on all the other tabs. There would be an additional column in that second tab called Profession. So all architects would have “architects” in the column and all restaurants would have “restaurants” in that column. Then you would use Glide to create a relation from your index data to the all listing data making sure to select multiple. You could also create filtered tabs inside of Glide if you wanted to go that route.

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What George is explaining… I watched this video last night. :+1:

I’ll keep re-watching a bunch of these Data based vids…

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The thing is that i’m using an existing sheet and i don’t want to manually copy paste all the sheets (tabs) to one- ALOT of work… thought about it…

tried it, either i’m doing something wrong or it is not working or it is not what i need…

Is it possible to share the sheet and make the app public so others can take a look? This sounds like a relatively basic relation should give you what you need, but relations can be tough to grasp at the start. Either that, or find a template that does something similar and then see how it used relations to do what you need.

The app is in Hebrew so i hope you’ll understand :slight_smile:

and the google sheet

Unfortunately I can’t understand it. You may have to create a version where the sheet names and column headers are in English and then detail which sheets and which headers need to be connected (unless someone on here can read your sheet and help without any translations).

Or just name them 1, 2 ,3 , 4, etc.

i renamed some of the tabs to 1 2 3 and the first few listings in the index to 1 2 3
hope it helps

A couple notes… Sheets 1, 2, 3 should be combined into one sheet.

This app ( has an INDEX with 1, 2, 3 at the top. When you click on 1, you’re brought to that screen, then there’s a list underneath with all the other “1” values. Same goes for 2 and 3. On the INDEX sheet, I added a relation column (allow multiple) that checks if the values in the first column match the values in the sheet called “1”.

The spreadsheet is here (all I did was rename the entries on sheet “1” to either 1, 2, or 3):

What you need to do is cut and paste the values in sheets 2 and 3 into sheet 1. If the names of the first column of new sheet 1 match the first column of INDEX, then your relations will work.

For starters, I would probably change your INDEX to list everything from Top to Bottom instead of right to left. Second, I don’t think there is a way to have one list of INDEX item pointing to several different sheets. I tried setting up a combined column array of relations, just the see if I can use one relation key to link to multiple sheets. It didn’t work and I could only add a list by each individual relation key. I think it mostly will not work because so much in Glide is tied to each individual sheet, and to get multiple sheets to act as one would probably take an entire rewrite of the system.

My first suggestion would be to combine the sheets into one, like has suggested above. It’s the quickest and easiest solution. The next solution would be to use your index sheet as a tab in the app, but ignoring any of the data in that sheet and remove any components that are showing up. The index sheet will be used as a dummy sheet (placeholder for components). Remove all components and then add either a button or a List Relation that will point to each sheet. No need to try to link everything up between the index and other sheets. You will basically build the index in the app with the buttons or list relations. It will look like one list, but actually be separate lists for sheet. Unfortunately you will have to individually setup the layout for each sheet.

Thank you all for the replays
i hoped i could do this with minimum changes in the sheet (alot of work to copy it all :slight_smile: )

though in my head it makes sense to link an item from the index to a tab… i guess it is a feature request…

Just keep in mind that if you were to ever add a new sheet, and as a result, a new index item, you would still have to modify the app before it would show up because it is a new sheet. You wouldn’t be able to simply add a new sheet tab and expect them to automatically show up in the app. That’s why I suggested using individual buttons or individual list references instead a master index list. You would have to make app changes either way, so forgoing the index as a link to the sheets and creating direct links in the app to the sheets would be easier. If you instead used the 2 sheet method, you set it up once and if new categories are set up, they would just work automatically in the app. It’s ultimately up to you, and I honestly don’t see Glide changing the core functionality. Just wanted to give you some things to think about.

It’s like writing code for a program…you can’t add a table and expect it to show up in a program. You have to modify the code to tell it that there is a new table. In any database design, similar items are placed together and you use key values to separate them out.

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I started copy paste it all to one sheet
But when i test it, it doesn’t show like youre app does.
In your app i see the Index page with 1 2 3
Clicking on 1 will show me the full contact details.

I created anoter sheet and an app
2 tabs - Index and Contacts
Both have Index column with 1 2 3
Index tab:
Contacts tab:

Added a relation to the Index page: Relate to items where the value in A INDEX matches the value in CONTACTS\INDEX with allow multiple on.

when i look at the app it seems fine at first
but when i click on 1 i don’t see the Contact details

Should i add a component? what am i missing?

Thank you so much.

I think the relation is correct- just the display is wrong…

What I don’t get is what restaurants have to do with architects. Did they build the restaurant? Do they have favourite restaurants?

If the app is a collection of professions, such as architect or restaurant owner with multiple locations, then it’s not much different than a standard employee/location/position app. Just the terminology changes.

It is a business app for the town i live in.
each business owner will be able to add himself to the app

Forget your existing sheet(s) for a minute.

Think of yourself as the owner of the town.

Imagine that you are the one selling available products/services.

Build a sheet that has Categories such as Fruits/Dentistry/Headstones.

Add all the required details for those services such as name/address/owner/phone/etc in the rows next to the Category/Services Offered column that can have ten rows for fruits, two dentists, and hopefully only one for tombstones.

The app will build itself but, if it doesn’t, watch the suggested videos again and again.

I think the details you are seeing are from your index. Now you just need to add an inline list to that detail page that will use the relation you created between the index and the contacts.


Thats what i needed!! thank you
thank you all for the help :slight_smile:

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