Need some help how to create my sheet

Hi all,

I wanna create my first glide app and I am stuck how to organise my sheet or get the right data in the glide app.

I have a sheet (with post stamps) with a tab called: People.
Other tabs are countries like Holland, Belgium, Germany etc.
In the country tabs i have rows like:
Name (of the person), Stampname, date
Under that row someone can put in their name, the amount of stamps they have and the date when they updated their row.
Now in the glide app i’d like a tab with the names of people in the sheet. This wasn’t hard haha. I just linked it to the tab “people”.
In the next glide tab I have a tab called Stamps which links to the column Stamps.
Now i’d like to have it that when i click on a persons name in the glide app, it goes to the detail screen and there i wanna have it to show how many stamps of a country that person has.

I hope you understand what I mean. Is what I want possible? I played with the relation column feature, but I didn’t get it to work.

Thanks a lot in advance!

I’d suggest using the Employee template, and changing it considering EMPLOYEES is your users, and the stamps are the OFFICES, for example.
Def check out and see several times the relations video in the glideapps youtube channel, that’s what you need to make it work.